“Mercy and Forgiveness…Once Again”

While pursuing their college education, a young couple met on a blind date and then began spending a number of their free hours together.  After having gone on several dates where it usually ended with the woman falling asleep due to exhaustion from her internship, the man declared, “That’s it!  I’m tired of you falling asleep on our dates.  If you do this one more time, I am done!”

So, on the next date, the couple had a wonderful evening filled with much laughter in the midst of great conversation.  At the end of the night, still chatting away, the guy drove the woman home.  After climbing out of the car, he walked around to the passenger side and discovered that she was sound asleep.

In this situation, my father demonstrated mercy to my mother.  Recognizing that in her humanness, she had tried her best to stay awake, he forgave her one more time.

This is similar to how our heavenly Father interacts with each of us. Knowing our human weaknesses, He continuously acknowledges our attempts to meet various expectations in life and grants us grace in doing so.  As His followers, may we also demonstrate this behavior in our daily interactions with others.

Lord, thank You for Your continued mercy, forgiveness, and grace that You offer us every day. As You offer this to us, may we do so to others.  We ask this in Your precious name, Amen.


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