“Bridging Perceptions”

After a couple of years of not having a family dog, my mother finally caved in one day to my brother’s and my requests to get another dog.  This led to a trip one afternoon to the Humane Society where Mom, Andy, and I surprised Dad by bringing home a white-haired, small, shitzu-mixed dog.

Within an hour of spending time with this new family member, I approached Dad, asking for his assistance in naming the dog.

“Sure,” my father responded.  “You know my mother raised several Schnauzers, naming each of them herself.  Do you have any ideas?”

“Yes!  Harry Jock,” I exclaimed proudly.

“What?!” Dad questioned, glancing puzzled to assure he heard me correctly.

“Harry Jock.  Harry after the movie Harry and the Hendersons, and Jock after our neighbor’s dog Jacques (pronounced “Sh-zzz-ock”), but that is too hard to say.”

Dad then threw his hands in the air and replied, “I can’t do any better than that!”

Though the name Harry Jock always brings about a humorous image, when I explain my mode of thinking as a ten year-old girl, people seem to understand my reasoning.  Allowing others an opportunity to explain themselves opens either the door for comprehension and brings a sense of unity, or it serves as the first step in bridging the gap of differing opinions.  Basically, explanations can combine various ways of thinking and empower movement forward to one consensus.

Lord, today and in the days ahead, open our ears and minds to listen and understand others’ perspectives, so we may eventually reach a point of agreement. Amen.



4 thoughts on ““Bridging Perceptions”

  1. Ha Ha Ha. I love it Kristen! We do need to give others a chance to explain themselves, because one’s own thought process can be quite difficult to understand sometimes.

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