The Thieves in Our Lives

It came at three o’clock one morning, awakening me from my sleep.  Like a thief in the night, it stole my remaining hours of rest.  After popping some prescribed pills to hopefully ease the aching in my hips and knees, I waited over an hour and finally gave up.  As with this usual cycle, this nagging annoyance refused to leave me alone.

Pain operates in this fashion—physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.  Similar to a pestering housefly, it pokes around sometimes during the most inconvenient times.  While I sometimes “swat” at it with much frustration, counting down the hours until my alarm clock will sound, I sometimes find myself assuming control over it by placing my time and energy elsewhere.  Reading my Bible or a good book.  Praying.  Pondering recent happenings in my life.  Instead of surrendering myself in agony or anxiousness to this unwelcome visitor, I switch my attention elsewhere, especially onto the Lord.

He knows the pains—both externally and internally—that we face on a daily basis.  Tensions in our relationships.  Financial burdens.  Medical challenges.  Dilemmas crashing upon us at work.  Emotions of all sorts continuously stirring within the recesses of our hearts.  As these hardships constantly knock upon our doors, taking a moment to rest at His feet in humility, the Lord will guide, comfort, carry, and strengthen us in these difficult times.

No matter the type of pain, it serves as an acknowledgement that we only face these tribulations temporarily.  Romans 8:18 reminds us of this by saying, “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”  As we continuously seek and rely upon the Lord, the “thieves” of today are only a breath compared to the eternal joy for what lies ahead.  Knowing this, the promise for the future is that today’s cries of weeping will become tomorrow’s songs of rejoicing!



2 thoughts on “The Thieves in Our Lives

  1. So sorry you battle pain when it would rather be sleeping. Your attitude about it really inspires me. Thanks!


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