“Let God Take Control”

The red numerals on the digital clock read 6:55 a.m. as I entered the large, meeting room.  Placing my coffee cup and papers on the table, I situated myself into the rolling, desk chair.  Shortly after I pulled myself close to the table, a brown-haired lady strolled through the doorway, looking for a place to sit.

“Lynn, we can make room for you here,” Patti exclaimed.

Then, glancing her head in my direction and grabbing the armrests of my chair, Patti proclaimed, “Kristen, I’m going to move you over.”

With no chance to object, I immediately lifted up my legs and answered, “Okay.”

Changes happen all around us instantaneously.  Challenges in employment.  Marital and family conflicts.  Difficult outcomes to medical crises.  Financial burdens.  These are some of the areas of our individual lives where we may have no chance to object, where we may feel a loss of control.  In these dilemmas, all we may be asked to do is throw up our hands or—as in my case with Patti—our feet, and let God take control.  Isaiah 41:10 states, He will “strengthen,” “help,” and “uphold” each of us at every moment.  We may not comprehend nor appreciate the direction in which He leads, but like Patti did for me, the Lord watches over us and lovingly responds to our needs along the journey.

Divine God, even when we feel out of control, may we experience Your arms carrying us through the unknown.  Amen.


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