Circling Life

Awhile ago, I read a chapter from the book Bridge Called Hope written by Kim Meeder, which demonstrated how a troubled boy learned to trust in another’s expression of love from working with a horse.  The trainer instructed the boy to stand in the center of the pen while the horse travels along its outside wall.   It is mentioned how, after a while, a horse will grow weary of trotting and cantering along the outskirts and desires to draw towards the center where the individual is located to obtain an intimate connection.

As I reflected on this image, it reminds me of the process at the end of the patient’s life and the guidance we offer the families.  The family stands in the middle of the tragic chaos while they watch their loved one make no progress forward with their future life here on earth and, instead, approach closer and closer to death.  We, as the medical team, offer instructions to what the family may experience and attempt to help them in having some intimate, final moments with their loved one.

Lord, continue to offer us words of wisdom to speak to the families we encounter as well as show us how to have a comforting presence during these final moments of good-byes.  Also, please continue to teach us in how we can best help the families in sharing the memories of their loved one by allowing the cycle of life to move on through the donation process.  In Your name we pray, Amen.




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