Scooting Out of Control

I remember it like it was yesterday—my first solo ride on my first motorized scooter.  At the age of eleven years, I had just received my “set of new wheels” and wanted to see how they would travel the distance to the neighborhood pool.  So off I went!  After having a smooth ride the first few blocks, the knob, holding the handlebar and controls in place, started becoming loose.  With this happening along with my inability to tighten it, the controls occasionally fell into my lap, which caused the forward button to press against my leg, accelerating the scooter down the street.  Eventually, I no longer had the strength to manually hold the controls in place.  Thus, the three-wheeled vehicle sped off with full force and…with me still in the driver’s seat!  It sped off down the street, through a neighbor’s yard, and into a rose bush!!!

Have you ever had moments in life like these?  Have you ever felt completely out of control?  As I reflect on this incident, the primary lesson I gained from this is that there is nothing wrong in asking for assistance.  John Heywood made the following well-known statement: “Two heads are better than one.”  Well, I personally say, when accomplishing difficult tasks, “four hands always work better than two.”  Know though that, when your hands are the only ones available, the One above will give you all the assistance and wisdom you need to maintain control.


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