The Cycle of Giving Life

Have you ever heard of the children’s book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein? It narrates how a living tree makes many sacrifices of itself in order to better the life of a maturing boy. As the tree gives her apples, branches, and trunk to the boy who uses them for his own personal gain, the boy continues returning to the tree, acknowledging her as the giver. This giving principles is also demonstrated in the consenting process of donation. Through this process, one’s sacrifice of what he or she no longer needs here on earth allows another individual to receive a better quality of living, thus, giving us the opportunity to express appreciation and gratefulness to the families who consent.

Shall we pray:

Lord, You are the Almighty Creator. You breathe life into us. Guide us as we strive to enhance the process of donating life to those in need. Amen.


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