The Gift of Life

When the word “gift” comes to mind, most people think of birthdays, holidays, and special occasions where we honor individuals and their impact on our own lives. However, when families choose to make their loved one a donor and give the gift of life, have you ever truly considered the magnitude of this act? While attempting to respect their loved one’s wishes and possibly allowing his or her life to continue in a very unique way, the family, most significantly, is offering the gift of life to usually a complete stranger in the midst of their own grieving process. In essence, the decision to donate can best be described by Pierre Corneille’s statement: “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”

Let us pray:
Lord, thank You for the gift of life. Thank You further for the possibility to continue the life cycle through donation. Continue to give us wisdom and compassion as we help support the families who provide this gift to others. With gratefulness we pray all of this in Your name, Amen.


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