Muffin Moments

I endured a long recovery during the months of May and June from hip replacement.  During this time, my mother and the family toy poodle, Muffin, drove here from Maryland to assist me through this process.  Now, I realize that watching TV or spending time in a hobby might pass the time away, but I never knew I could receive so much entertainment from a four-legged, puppy-like creature!

When most dog owners take their dogs out for a walk, they attach the leash, and the dog goes out the door, strolling continuously with the leash tailing behind from their master’s hand.  Oh no…not Muffin!  After her leash is hooked to her, Muffin wrestles with the line, snatching it in her teeth, and proudly holds it in front of her as she prances down the sidewalk.  Thus, who is the master here?!  A few times, near the beginning of my recovery when I was walking slowly but at a decent pace, Mom and I would walk the dog together.  However, we must not have been moving fast enough for her because, in the midst of the stroll, Muffin would suddenly lie down atop the pavement!  After walking only a few feet and passing her, we would have to actually call her to “come” in order to continue walking.

A chew stick?  Don’t dogs know what to do with a supposedly great-tasting piece of rawhide that becomes nasty-looking from the smothering of saliva?  Again…not Muffin.  When given her first chew stick, she took it peculiarly with her mouth, giving us this questioningly look as if to say, “What in the world is this?”  Within a day or so, she gained excitement from it nuzzling it with her nose and then tossing it forward as if she was playing fetch with herself!  Next, she began placing it near my hands and barking at me, saying hypothetically, “Come on!  Play with me!”  Whoever would have thought a chew stick became a toy!  Finally, a week later, she started chewing on it, probably thinking to herself, “Wow!  This actually tastes good!”

I further recall, one morning, where Muffin actually was my alarm clock.  I guess 8 a.m. was too late to be sleeping in because I was awakened to wet kisses all over my face.  She must have decided that one playmate was not enough for her.  Now, despite this instance, I do have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed most mornings with Muffin, for this was the time of day when she enjoyed cuddling up most to me.  Ahhh!

So, what “Muffin moments” have you had lately?  While these may not involve a dog or even necessarily a pet, they may have occurred with a child, a family member, or a close friend.  What about here at work?  These endearing, joyous moments that we share with our colleagues or even the patients and their family members are the ones that encourage us to persevere in the ministry we provide to our community.  May the Lord remove any veil from our eyes and allow us to experience continuous “muffin moments!”




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