Servanthood in the ICU

What patient and/or family encounter has impacted you most in your ministry of service?  A very powerful one happened for me last week when we cared for a very sick woman around my age.  I had to not only notify the family that their daughter was in our hospital but, throughout the day, provide emotional and spiritual support to them as they prepared to let her go into the Lord’s hands.

For me, many times, the more intense the situation, the more effective ministry I provide to those involved.  When the intensity arises, I have to remind myself of the importance of the cross.  As I look vertically to the Lord, I must minister horizontally to others as Jesus encouraged and supported those dealing with tragedy.  What is your motivation in serving others or your model to do this?

No matter what, serving others in need, especially here in the ICU, is a humbling experience where we minister to those in critical and desolate situations.  Despite our great exhaustion in this calling, Anne Frank offers a unique perspective to this: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”   In what ways can we improve the ministry we provide here in the ICU?  How can you yourself improve the world around you?


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