‘Tis the Season for Joy

It was Christmas Eve, and as a small child, I remember lying in the guest bed of my grandmother’s home with my mother at my side.

“I can’t get to sleep!” I eagerly exclaimed.  “I know Santa is coming tonight, and I’m supposed to sleep but just can’t.”

Listening intently, my mother suggested, “Honey, I know you’re excited, but you need to try to get to sleep.  Christmas morning will be here very soon.  Why not you roll over, and I’ll rub your back for a few minutes?”

In the midst of doing this, suddenly, I heard the faint jingling of bells on the rooftop.

“Santa’s here, Mommy!” I announced eagerly.

“I hear that, so shhhhhh…you need to get to sleep before he comes down the chimney,” my mother whispered while rubbing my back.  Within a few minutes, sleep eventually conquered my excitement.

As I reflect upon this memory, it symbolizes what sometimes occurs here on the unit.  After a catastrophe, an intubated patient lies unresponsive in bed while the medical team provides updates to the loved ones regarding the patient’s poor medical situation.  Hearing this news, family members sit in vigil at the bedside, praying for a different outcome and observing attentively for God’s intervention.  Then, after some time has passed, the patient twitches possibly his/her hand, arm, or eyes, and the loved ones rejoice over this movement, praising the Lord for His divine work.  It is in these miraculous encounters that only the Great Physician can take over and intercede further beyond our man-made efforts.  Thus, when our humanly hands have reached their limit, may we accept the hand of the Eternal One who has no limits.

During this Christmas season, I challenge you to seek those God-moments both here at work and at home.  Trust also the Lord through the tough times, knowing that He will either strengthen or carry us through them.  These instances not only offer hope and restore our faith but further provide us with moments of complete, utter joy that we can only receive from the Father Himself.  May this Christmas season be a joyful one for you where God manifests Himself in new and brilliant ways!


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