The Voyage as One Village

Last Saturday evening, my fiancée Jeff and I decided to venture out to the Super Bowl Village.  Oh, “venture out” is definitely what we did; this actually may be an understatement!  Despite rolling in our wheelchairs over a mile away from where we parked, we eventually reached the Village.  However, due to the huge number of people as well as the very chilly weather, we quickly decided to turn around and return to the van.  Little did we know, we headed in the completely wrong direction!  We ended up smack in the middle of a massive crowd of bystanders who were present for the Patti LaBelle concert!  Not being able to move forward nor backwards, we were trapped.  A few others, who also wanted out, attempted to make a pathway for us but ended up in heated arguments right beside us.  Several minutes later, with much wisdom and perseverance, one gentleman pressed forward to retrieve assistance from security.  The officers then rescued us from the angry crowd and escorted us to a safety zone where we remained until the end of concert.

Reflecting upon this incident and relating to our work here, I was keenly reminded of the verse Psalm 46:10 that states, “Be still, and know that I am God.”  Since I could not move out of this situation on my own, I was forced to “be still” and trust that the Lord would guide me out safely.  Similarly, when we encounter difficult circumstances at work, we sometimes must pause briefly, believing that the Father as well as our colleagues will journey alongside and guide us through these struggles.

Moreover, when overcoming troublesome circumstances, it involves not just a few leaders but a whole “village” to work together.  Specifically in this situation, even though the gentleman and security initiated the rescue, it also involved the movement of the crowd in order for Jeff and me to gain freedom.  Likewise, here in the ICU, it takes not just a few individuals to provide the necessary care but a whole interdisciplinary team—with great wisdom and perseverance—to meet all the needs of the patients and their loved ones.  Partnering together does not just ease one’s burdens but everyone’s loads.

As we continue to enjoy the local thrills of holding the Super Bowl here in Indy, may we also remember to work as a team by huddling together to accomplish the common goals of each patient.  Hence, let us take this voyage together as one single village!


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