What is Your Source of Energy?

When watching television, the Energizer Bunny always brings a smile to my face. These commercials always portray the bunny as constantly on the go—never pausing nor taking a moment to breathe—due to the battery. Similarly, in the realm of donation, we as donor champions are like this—constantly responding to donation issues and questions at all hours as well as fighting for the lives of those in need.

However, we do not thrive on an everlasting battery. We require recharging our own energy through various means of self-care. So, I encourage you to ponder on what gives you energy during those difficult cases, and return to your reliance on that/those source(s) to provide you with the necessary charge.

Shall we pray:


No matter what energizes us on a daily basis, may we remember that You are the ultimate source of life. Please recharge us at this time as we proceed further in another discussion regarding the donation process.

In Your name we pray,



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