Take and Give

Tonight, I worked with the sister of an organ donor.  She shared about the patient’s generous spirit and her willingness to support various family members.  Then, as the medical team prepared to go to the OR to begin the actual procurement process, the sister looked at me and commented, “It is amazing what they can take.”

Looking back at her, I replied, “It is amazing what families will give.”

Reflecting upon this brief interaction, it parallels in description what happens here in the hospital on a daily basis with each of our patients.  Some patients “take” drugs, time, and energy to begin the recovery process.  Others take our guidance and knowledge about their illnesses and choose a path that concentrates more on their quality of life, rather than quantity.  Unfortunately, some even take our resources only to return to their unhealthy lifestyles.

Now, on the other hand, as a member of the medical team, you are a giver.  You give of your skills and knowledge to help a patient and even family through a critical period.  You sacrifice numerous, tiring hours from your own family and friends to best serve as a team member here in the ICU.  You constantly give, give, give…without expecting anything in return.  Yes, I do realize you give all of these things and more in hopes to help the patients with their critical medical conditions, but as you know, sometimes the Lord has other plans.

So, bottom line is…it is absolutely amazing what each of you gives to our care receivers and their loved ones as well as to other team members.  The Lebanese poet and novelist, Kahlil Gibran, quotes, “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”  With the sincere hearts of giving that each of you displays, we together embrace the bodies, minds, and spirits of all whom we encounter daily, thus, creating an enriching, healing environment through our sacrificial gifts.


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