Peeling Away

Imagine an onion, and consider the numerous layers you have to peel away to reach the depths of it. When this image comes to my mind, it reminds me of all the “layers” that we as caregivers “peel away” when working with families. Whether it be seconds, minutes, or even hours, it is crucial that we take the necessary time to establish rapport with the families before proceeding in the donation process.

This “peeling away” concept also occurs within this committee as we serve this health system. We must identify the struggles and hurdles of this process along with various associates’ feelings toward donation in order to have successful outcomes. Even though this is not always easy, may we always know that we do not have to “peel layers” with the Lord, but we can openly share our feelings with Him, trusting Him to guide us through these trials.

Shall we pray:


Guide us during this meeting in peeling back the layers of difficulties we may be facing at this time regarding donation processes in our hospital system. Give us wisdom with these challenges, and help us to best lead and serve as donor champions throughout St. Vincent.

In Your name we pray,



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