I will never forget the event that occurred recently.  Responding to the page, I waited in the trauma bay with the rest of the team.  The stat flight team rolled the young woman into the room.  She laid motionless, barely clothed, and with no name, no age, and no family.

“Who is this woman?” I thought to myself.  “What happened to her?”

Hours later, while standing at the bedside of this still unidentified individual and holding her hand, I silently asked myself, “How do I pray for this woman, Lord?  What do I pray for?”

Then, with the urging of the Spirit, I prayed quietly, “Lord, be with this woman.  Even though I do not know her, you do.  Show Your face upon her.  Speak to her.  Be with her and her family at this time.  Amen.”

Through this incident, I learned that, when I am limited, God is not.  Where I face limits, He is boundless.  Thus, limitations only exist in man’s mind, not in the realm of the Divine Creator.

Let us pray:

As we journey through life—both professionally and personally—and endure its continuous struggles, may we remember—

You possess knowledge in and with the unknown.

You bring hope to the hopeless.

You offer strength to the weak.

You are the Great Healer when no healing can be found.

You make the impossible possible.

In Your name we pray, Amen.


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