The Foggy Times

On the way home from last month’s Trauma ICU unit meeting, I drove away from the Cardiology building along Naab Road, realizing that I could not even see the traffic light at the end of the street.  “How scary!” I thought to myself.  “I don’t remember the fog ever being this dense in Indy before.”

Reflecting on this drive, I discovered that this is what many patients and families experience as well as we as associates at times, too.  Patients and families come through our doors to receive our care but are uncertain about the “journey” of the hospitalization and even experience anxiety, fear, and grief over the medical procedures and processes they endure.  They journey through the “fog” of this hospitalization, not knowing the complete outcome.

As associates, we, too, go through a “fog” when caring for patients and families.  We do not always know the effect of a drug or the result of a procedure or test.  We then rely on our own expertise, knowledge, and skills.

One common guiding force, though, for the patients and families along with ourselves is the Great Physician.  He sees the entire situation—both now and the future—and always shines His Light, especially in the foggy patches of the journey.

Let us pray:

Lord, be the light we need at all times.  Guide us in following You, especially in the “foggy” times of life.  In Your name we pray, Amen.


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