Am I Going to Die?

As a teen, for a couple of summers, I spent some time at a camp designed for individuals with muscular dystrophy.  Following these sessions, I received newsletters with updates on the association, various treatments, and sometimes an obituary of one of the campers.  When I saw an article on someone whom I knew personally, I became terrified and asked my mother, “Am I going to die?”

Despite their hopefulness, we encounter many families who “camp out” in our waiting area, wrestling with same question about their loved one.  No matter what age nor experiences you have had with death, it is still difficult to acknowledge.  Death never comes knocking at a time in which we are prepared.  The only hope we can hold is that the peace of the Lord may rest upon them for eternity.

As we take a moment to embrace the Lord’s presence, let us reflect upon the patients who died on our unit and their loved ones who continue to possibly grieve.

Shall we pray:

Lord, as stated in Ephesians, we know there is a time for everything—a time for living and a time for dying.  This is never easy for the families, and sometimes it is difficult for us as caregivers.  I ask that You embrace us with Your love and peace whenever we must face death.  Guide our steps in continuing forward with the care we can offer today and forever more.


In Your name I pray,




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