Transforming Moments

Lying in my bed at Shriners’ Hospital recovering from a major hip surgery, I recall observing one of my roommates continuously crying.  Despite the nurse’s attempts, nothing would console her.  Finally, after listening to her sobs for several minutes, I mustered up the courage of a ten year-old and said, “Hi, there.  My name is Kristen.  What’s your name?… (pause) … It’s going to be okay.”  Even though the girl never returned my acknowledgement and continued crying, for those couple of moments, I was able to turn away from my issues and my pain and to focus on someone else’s needs.  It provided me such freedom.

We all come to our work on a regular basis, carrying our own issues and pains.  Grief.  Guilt.  Loneliness.  Stresses.  Family issues.  Personal issues.  It is in our time of service here that we can avail ourselves opportunities—even if only brief ones—to set aside our own “baggage” and to step away from it.  Henry David Thoreau once quoted, “Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”  May these miraculous instants not only transform others but also transform us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Shall we pray:


You are the miracle worker in all of our lives.  You can transform us and our lives instantly.  May we embrace these moments personally as well as when we care for others.

In Your name I pray this,




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