Doubt, but Don’t Force God Out

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to journey alongside a trauma patient who not just lost his wife but also his granddaughter within a period of forty-eight hours.  I listened to his story; I mourned with him in his grief.  I held his hand as he asked, Why, God?”  However, even in the midst of this great spiritual struggle, he kept repeating, “I will keep my faith.”

There have been several occasions where we wrestle with our patients’ medical outcomes, coping mechanisms, and support systems.  We may experience a variety of feelings—sadness, anger, relief, or possibly guilt.  We may even find ourselves grappling in our own beliefs about God and His responses to these difficult circumstances.  Like this particular gentleman demonstrated, though, it is okay to doubt God in how He is intervening in a situation, but I encourage you not to set Him aside from the situation.  Since He already knows our every thought, He can embrace our authenticity with Him with these feelings and troublesome thoughts and, thus, guide and carry us through them.  So, why not let them go before God and let Him respond from His omnipotent, omniscient presence?

Shall we pray:

O God of strength,

Support and strengthen us as we continue to serve those whom You place in our care, and help us to hold fast to our faith, even in times of doubt.  As described in the story “Footprints,” carry us when we can no longer walk through the difficult circumstances of life.

In Your name I pray,



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