Small Blessings

Several years ago, in the midst of one of her sessions of using her walker and leg braces, a two year-old girl was slowly walking down a hallway with the assistance of her physical therapist and her mother at her side.  During the stroll, the therapist became so deeply involved in conversation with the child’s mother, releasing her grasp upon the toddler.  However, the girl continued progressing down the tiled floor with her walker.  A few minutes later, the therapist realized what she had done, and she and the mother observed with great amazement and joy in watching the child take her first steps alone.

Despite this wonderful outcome, the journey to these first steps was not an easy one.  With I being the little girl, I have heard the numerous stories of sorrow and pain—both physically and emotionally—that my parents, the therapist Marty, and I all experienced.  It began with, shortly after my birth, a doctor telling my parents that I would never walk, and if I did, it would not occur until after the age of eighteen years.  My parents then met another physician who offered a ray of hope—stating I would walk by the age of two years, but I had to first endure foot and hip surgeries, numerous castings, and a progression through a plethora of braces.  Meanwhile, Marty became my therapist, spending hours and hours stretching and exercising my muscles and joints as well as placing me in a standing position over and over again while I cried out in much pain.

Even though that time in life was arduous and filled with much agony, my parents, Marty, and I have reflected upon it on many occasions, commenting on how the Lord intervened through it all.  My parents and I have discussed the physical and emotional battles that we encountered during that season but also shared in the blessing of the second physician’s encouraging words along with Marty’s dedication and determination.  Without the smaller blessings in overcoming the various emotional and physical hurdles, I would never have stepped into the Father’s greater miracle of walking.

Blessings do not always come in a large, singular package but sometimes in smaller ones where we can sometimes see the Lord directing our paths to the greater ones.  What small blessings has He offered you personally which have guided you to opening doors of greater ones?  Psalm 9:1 encourages each of us to “give thanks to You, Lord, with all my heart” and to “tell of all Your wonderful deeds.”  So, during this Thanksgiving season, may we acknowledge and thank the Lord for all His blessings—great and small.


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