The Fragility of Life

In January, I traveled to Salisbury, Maryland, where I met my six week-old niece for the very first time. During my moments of holding Isabella, she either laid still in my arms—sleeping, sucking on the nipple of a bottle, or staring aimlessly in different directions. When she was more awake, I had to grasp her a little tighter as she wiggled to become more comfortable. 

As I closely observed my niece, I began reflecting on how the infancy stage holds similarities to that of someone approaching his or her last moments here on earth. In both of these stages, the individual heavily relies on his or her caregivers to provide for their needs as well as to make the appropriate decisions for them. Many a times, the persons are requiring much rest, and when they are awake, they desire comfort and possibly attention. 

Furthermore, each of these spectrums of life can offer similar reactions from family members. Loved ones gather at the bedside, waiting for the arrival into or exit from this world. Whether it be of joy, mourning, or relief, cries are commonly heard from those watching intensely as the event unfolds.   

Lord, in moments of both life and death, may we remember that You are the commander of the entire cycle. May You offer Your peace not to just those whom are directly impacted but also to those whom are caring for the individuals. In Your name I pray, Amen.




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