Driven by the Pager

I usually start my day near the early hour of 7:00 a.m. I walk through the hospital doors, head to my office, put on my lab coat, and grab the most essential element to jump start my day— coffee. In the midst of this daily routine, there is one item attached to my hip that changes my direction in a moment’s notice—my pager.

This small electronic device primarily drives my day within the walls of this building. It amazes me how a little black piece of plastic can create major course changes in just a single moment. It lets me know when and where I am needed most, and in that instant, I am fully aware that the traumatic is occurring or about to occur.

However, even though the vibration of my pager alerts and lets me know that others need my presence, it is the “pages” I receive from the Lord that foremost grab my attention. It is through His presence revealed in His written Word that guides me and opens my eyes to the subtle changes that I observe in my surroundings. When I engage with the Divine, I gain a greater awareness of the encounters I participate in with those around me.

What is driving you today, and how may God be paging you? When He does—and He will, be careful not to miss the subtle vibrations where He may calling you to engage with Him and, from these encounters, gain a greater clarity toward the life He has called you to live.

Gracious God, help us understand when and to where You are driving us through Your “pages.” In Your precious name I pray, Amen.


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