Divine Feeding

            It was Saturday morning—a great time to run errands. With the sun shining brightly through my sunroof, I drive steadily from Wal-Mart to Goodwill to Lowe’s. Suddenly, on my way to buy groceries at Kroger, the small, orange light pops on upon the dashboard, which means I need to give my van a “feeding”—yes, that’s right, the gas light.

            God gives us each these “lights” in our own bodies as warnings to care for our bodies—fatigue for rest, pains for food, dry mouth for water, etc. If we heed to these warnings in a timely manner, we not just care for ourselves but also better prepare for our interactions with others.

            Has your “God-light” flashed on recently? When have you heeded that spiritual warning to “feed” yourself with the Divine presence? Whether it be an hour of reading and meditating or just a few moments of listening to His whisper, I encourage you to replenish the “gas tank” that only He can refill on a daily basis.

            Father, I ask that You feed us not just in our moments of stillness but also in the times of busyness. In Your name I pray, Amen.


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