Hope in the Hopeless

It was gone, nowhere to be found. My husband Jeff and I had briskly tidied up the room, so we could take out the trash before running errands. However, in the midst of the cleanup, we must have accidentally tossed the prescription that he filled earlier that day. Not realizing it was missing until after a couple of hours passed, we desperately began searching the room—high and low—looking on shelves, under furniture, and under cushions. Without success, we then started checking in other rooms—opening the fridge, pantry, and cabinets; checking the washer and dryer; and even searching the laundry.

Jeff finally looked at me with a horrifying look of realization. “It is probably in the trash we took to the dumpster. I must have accidentally grabbed it when I cleared off the kitchen table.”

Frantically, we returned to the dumpster, and Jeff climbed into the trash compactor, tearing open bags that looked similar to ours in hopes we would recognize its contents.

Several minutes passed. With the pungent odor growing so strong, we finally ended the search. We never found that orange, plastic bottle full of pills we needed so desperately.

This wild chase of trying to “find a needle in a haystack” reminds me of how we as the medical team feels when the treatments and support we provide are not helping a patient with a mysterious diagnosis. In a panic mode, we seek various medications, procedures, and interventions—only to find no hope. It is in these times of darkness and despair that the Great Physician coerces us to turn to Him and trust in His own intervention—no matter the outcome.

Lord, in the bleakest moments, help us to grasp Your hand for assistance. In Your name I pray, Amen.


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