“Searching for the Miracle”

Sitting in despair at his infant daughter’s bedside, the new father kept hearing in his mind the echoing of the doctor’s words: “Your daughter may never be able to move her arms or legs. If she does ever walk, it probably won’t be until when she is eighteen years-old.” Watching intently and hoping for any sign of possibility, the dad just saw his only daughter lay lifeless before him. After much time had passed, it suddenly happened—a slight twitching of the baby’s arm. The father leapt from the bedside, and noticing his wife and the doctor talking at the end of the hallway, he dashed towards them, “She can move! She can move! I saw it! Kristen moved her arm!”

There are many occurrences where the care that we provide seems hopeless. Oftentimes, we find ourselves breaking the hearts of loved ones by sharing grim outlooks regarding the patients’ futures. Then, as we continue our care for them on the unit, we notice families sitting vigil at the bedside, praying and staring at the patient and bedside monitor, searching for just a glimmer of hope. Finally, that hope does arrive—one way or another—either through signs of recovery or the peace that eventually arises through the ending of suffering.

Lord of all Miracles, help us to acknowledge Your presence and intervention in all the care we provide to our patients and their loved ones, no matter the outcome. In Your name I pray, Amen


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