“A New Possibility”

I have always wanted to be a mother. While waiting on a friend one day, I went to the clothing section of the store Buy Buy Baby, asking myself, “Knowing that I struggle with buttons and snaps, what clothes would be available for me to independently dress my infant?” Thinking that velcro was my only option, I came across outfits that used magnetized fasteners. Shocked at this discovery, I realized that my parenting possibilities had just broadened.

Similarly, we encounter new possibilities in both our professional and personal worlds, such as new policies and procedures for all associates to follow, variations in the weekly schedule of a family member, improved equipment to enhance patient care, changes in financial options to meet our housing and transportation needs, etc., etc. Instead of feeling disgruntled that these changes are affecting our regular routines, may we embrace them as ways to enrich where God is leading.

God of all changes, guide us in perceiving life with Your eyes. Let us explore new options with eagerness and perseverance, knowing You will be at our sides always as we embark on new journeys. In Your name I pray, Amen.


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