“The Blessings of the Differently-Abled”

As a high schooler, my family attended a small church where Chad, the pastor’s son, maintained a mental age of 18 months no matter how he aged chronologically. Sometimes, waddle his father would be preaching a sermon, Chad would simultaneously respond with a “yeah” and a grin across his face, which would result in laughter erupting across the congregation. Despite his mental challenges and limited social skills, Chad blessed all of those around.

Through my interactions with Chad as well as many others in my lifetime who are differently-abled, I have discovered that, no matter the abilities that one has, he or she can make a difference. It involves focusing on the ways God can use us to bless others and not on our differences or weaknesses.

Lord, thank You for Your individual creation in each of us, and help us to use these differences to bring You glory. In Your name I pray, Amen.



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