“Seeing the Possible in the Impossible”

It was a bitterly cold morning, and I was preparing to go to work. After I climbed into my van, I pushed the button, which raised the ramp, but the door would not budge. Realizing I could not safely close the door due to my inability to balance on the ice-covered ground, I drove off with the side door wide open. Hence, I creatively made travel possible by looking beyond the impossibility of closing a door.

When in your life has the possible emerged from the impossible? I have discovered, from my own life experiences as well as others’, that hope can be found in every challenging situation, even if it is only through divine intervention. Whether it be directly through God’s hands or Him working through man’s hands, a glimmer of hope evolves when we examine all the “possible” options and allow the “impossible” to be less and less a part of our perspective.

Lord, You make all things possible. Help us to view all circumstances as You see them. In Your name I pray, Amen.


One thought on ““Seeing the Possible in the Impossible”

  1. Thank you Kristen….I needed to hear that, as i face another huge medical impossibilities … Only God can change mt mind or heal my body… Tomorrow Don and get to hear medical news which either us want to hear…


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