“Advocating for Another”

Who has been your strongest advocate?  For me, it was my parents.

One example of this occurred during sixth grade; my class was preparing to go on a week-long, camp, and I was SO excited.  A couple of days before leaving, my teacher called my mother, requesting for a teacher conference.  Mrs. Stammer tried to talk Mom out of letting me attend, saying that I would be a burden and not be able to keep up with the other students.  However, knowing my heartfelt desire for this trip, my mother fought for me, saying she would not allow this to happen.  Due to Mom’s stance, by the end of that week, Mrs. Stammer held a whole different perspective on the situation after having interacted many times with me at camp.

When have you seen advocacy take place—whether for you or you for another?  Here in the medical world, an associate’s role can best be summarized by the author Wess Stafford’s statement: “I spend half my time comforting the afflicted, and the other half afflicting the comfortable.”  Hence, with advocacy, the unspoken is spoken, and the unheard is heard, making the impossible possible.

Father, as You advocate for us, help us to advocate for others.  In Your precious name I pray, Amen.


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