“Heavenly Encounters”

One recent beautiful spring evening, I had some free time to catch up on my gardening chores at home.  As I worked with the dirt, transplanting flowers and planting new bulbs in window boxes, I suddenly heard loud chirps nearby.  Glancing all around for the source of this noise, I finally located it—a bird’s nest sitting atop a post above my head with babies peeking out and their mother feeding them.

“Wow!  This is amazing!” I thought to myself.

With this incident, it is interesting to reflect how God offered a sign of His incredible presence in the midst of me working on another task.  The Lord continuously presents Himself every day in those surprising moments.  A thought that crosses one’s mind.  A smile from a stranger that uplifts the room.  A word of encouragement during a hectic day.  A rainbow flashing across the sky after feeling exhausted from the day’s activities.  In these small, “heavenly” encounters, may we observe and acknowledge the Holy One drawing us to Him—the One Who gives us the wisdom, comfort, strength and perseverance that we need on a daily basis.

Lord, as we strive to find You amidst the chaos of daily living, open our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts to sense Your continuous embrace.  In Your Holy name I pray, Amen.


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