“Wings of Hope”

I had visited them the day before—a patient and her grown children.  Returning per the daughter’s request, the patient seemed much more awake and alert, smiling upon my entrance.  However, as the conversation progressed, the patient began constantly staring in different directions of the room and finally admitted to being in pain and feeling confused.  Taking her hand, I calmly instructed her to close her eyes and picture herself being in a peaceful place; within seconds, she was resting comfortably.  Then, I strolled quietly out of the room with the daughter to speak further with her.

At one point earlier during this encounter as she was speaking to her mother, the daughter described me as being “like a butterfly,”—one who had come into their room, touched their lives through support and prayer, and then “fluttered on.”  Her description reminds me of the scene with the butterfly in the movie Patch Adams.  The character, Patch Adams, had endured some difficult times and eventually sought God’s help from atop a cliff, and God answered him as a butterfly.

The Lord comes in many forms, even operating through His followers.  We are His body, serving in a multitude of ways in response to the various cries from patients, families, visitors, and even fellow colleagues.  We are a kaleidoscope of His butterflies, fluttering in to bring hope where it is needed.

Dr. Kirsti A. Dyer once quoted, “Like the butterfly, I have the strength and the hope to believe, in time, I will emerge from my cocoon…transformed.”  As we are continuously transformed into the “butterflies” that the Father has designed in each of us, may we keep using our “wings” to transform the lives of those around us.




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