“Viewing Others with God’s Eyes”

It happens quite frequently and with great frustration.  As one who drives a specially-equipped vehicle that requires a good deal of space in which to enter and exit, I often utilize the handicap spaces with the lined areas to give myself plenty of room.  However, countless times, I have noticed vehicles illegally parked in these designated spots, or after having run my errand, I return to find someone parked in the lined area beside my van, blocking my path with which to load.  After venting my frustration to myself, I return my focus to the task before me and attempt to let go of my judgment towards that individual.

Through my many encounters of proceeding through this cycle, I began asking God, “What are You trying to teach me?”  I wish it were only to ignite my education to others when possible—thus, the reason for why my husband calls me, “the handicap police.”  With this repeated challenge, though, I have further acquired more patience, understanding, and forgiveness.  Additionally, I became aware of the judgmental perspective that I was holding and realized that I needed to view the person through God’s eyes.

Moral of this Story: Sometimes the biggest “thorns in our flesh” turn out to be the “roses” that improve our character.

Lord, change our perspectives, so we may see the roses in the midst of our thorns.  Amen.


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