“Healing Touch”

While making rounds one day, there was a gentleman who had not yet been visited by a chaplain.  I entered the room and saw him lying in bed with his eyes closed and connected to a ventilator.  Upon approaching his bedside, I gently placed my hand upon his, and he opened his eyes.  After introducing myself, I offered pastoral support, including prayer.  Through head movements, the patient declined my offer to pray with him but wanted me to keep him company for a few moments.

Just being there but not speaking a word.  Just standing at his bedside but not “fixing” something that is uncomfortable.  Just holding his hand but not asking the nurse to get medication for his pain.  While our healing touch can demonstrate care to another, it also allows us as caregivers to pause and be in the presence of the Greatest Healer of all.

Lord, help us to remember the power of touch; for as we touch those in our presence, may we, more so, feel Your touch upon each of us.  In Your holy name I pray, Amen.


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