“Lessons from the Crash”

On an overcast day many years ago, my mother, brother, and I were out for a drive.  Arriving at a red light, my mother applied the car brakes.  While sitting there for only a moment, a head-on collision involving two other vehicles unfolded before our eyes.  Suddenly, my mother put our car into park and dashed towards the scene, assuming her other role as a nurse.  Then, immediately, I also climbed out of our car, following and yelling after her.

At that point, my mother operated from dual roles by still focusing on the crisis before her and simultaneously hollering back at me, “Kristen, stay in the car!”

Reflecting on this experience, little did I know how, in that moment of time, God painted a picture of the future.  As one who would eventually become a trauma chaplain, I witnessed my first MVA (motor vehicle accident).  Also, alongside the “medical team,” I dashed in response to the crisis and observed various roles being played out as needed, which is how each member of the trauma team functions today.

What past events highlight your journey of who you have become today?  Even though we don’t always comprehend why incidents unfold around us at that point in time, the Lord utilizes these milestones for us to reflect on our past and see how He has molded and directed us for His purpose.

Lord, help us to trust You in all circumstances and know that You are molding and directing every step that we take to, in the end, bring You glory.  In Your name I pray, Amen.



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