“Footprints in Life”

The author A.A. Milne once wrote, “Winnie-the-Pooh had come to a sudden stop, and was bending over the tracks in a puzzled sort of way.

‘What’s the matter?’ asked Piglet.

‘It’s a very funny thing,’ said Bear, ‘but there seem to be two animals now. This–whatever-it-was–has been joined by another–whatever-it-is–and the two of them are now proceeding in company.’”

Similar to that of Winnie the Pooh, when we feel alone, we are not.  When we experience isolation in carrying our burdens, we are not.  When we feel alone in the decisions we face every day, we are not.  We are joined by our heavenly Father in company.  The footprints of His presence are always with us; we just need to look for and acknowledge them as we walk through life.

Lord, we thank You for Your continued presence as we travel through life’s journey.  Please continue to make Your footprints very clearly, so we can recognize You.  In Your name we pray, Amen.


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