“A Companion Through Life’s Journeys”

Recently, I was asked, “Why do you work as a hospital chaplain?”  For the longest time during my developing years, I questioned the Lord about why He had allowed me to be born with physical challenges.  What was His divine purpose in my numerous surgeries, hospitalizations, and medical needs in the midst of my daily living?  My purpose in life was not revealed to me until I entered hospital chaplaincy.

As a chaplain, I have journeyed alongside patients and their families dealing with medical challenges and the associates caring for them and, thus, am reminded of my own life’s journeys both in and out of the medical world.  Reflecting upon these, I become aware of how the Lord has been my companion through these different paths I traveled, providing me as well as my caregivers with care, wisdom, strength, and encouragement, especially through the darkest valleys.

With the Lord calling me to serve Him, hospital chaplaincy has allowed me to bring a glimmer of His companionship that He offers to His people who are all walking through various stages in life.  Because I can testify to God’s presence and intervention in my endeavors, I sense Him working through me to reveal Himself to others in whatever way they need it.  Thus, the reason I do what I do is to operate as a vessel of His supportive healing presence and loving care to those around me.

So, as you reflect on your own life, why do you do the work you do?  What events have led you to where you sit right now?  May the Lord guide you, in His timing, to the purpose for which He has created within you.

Lord, direct each of us in the work we do, revealing Your divine purpose for each of our lives and encouraging us to serve in the ways You have uniquely designed each of us to do.  We pray this in Your name, Amen.


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