“Divine Highlights to Daily Blessings”

From September to June every year, almost every Friday night, I spend two hours with my teammates, playing power soccer.  Though I find much contentment spending time with these individuals and playing this sport, I have experienced even more joy recently after one particular practice.  

As one who loves serving others, I cherish helping my coach cleaning up after practice.  I usually assist in gathering the small, orange cones sitting at the four goal posts, but on this particular evening, I was struggling bending down to reach them.

Attempting to figure out a solution to this dilemma, an idea hit me.  Strolling over to my teammate and his service dog, I sought Scott’s permission to use his black, Labrador Retriever, named Preston, to help with this task as well as asked him for the command.

Then, taking hold of the leash, I led Preston over to the nearest cone and commanded, “Preston, get!”  

After a few seconds, Preston lowered his head to the cone, grasped it with his teeth, and raised the cone to near my hand where I could take it.  Not only did I accomplish the desired task of gathering all the cones, I also treasured these moments of personally working with a service dog.

It is interesting how certain experiences become extraordinary blessings in the midst of our daily blessings.  What incidents have occurred for you which have brought extreme pleasure in the midst of your daily contentment?  Experiencing these joyous moments is like observing a shooting star on a clear, starry night; it is as if the Lord is highlighting His continuous divine interventions in our lives.

Lord, help us to see Your highlights in the midst of daily blessings.  Amen.


One thought on ““Divine Highlights to Daily Blessings”

  1. Love this -am trying to be thankful in all things so this was a good reminder of how good our Father is!! Love you bunches-our Lord has give. You such a gift of writing talents!


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