“Sacrificial Decisions”

When was the last time you faced a crossroads regarding a difficult decision?

I recently had to do so with my own family.  Due to personal circumstances, my husband and I faced the choice of whether we attend the wedding of one relative or be present after the birth of another.  Knowing we could not do both, we had to make a sacrificial decision—one that hopefully would make a greater long-term impact.

In the hospital, I witness families making sacrificial decisions on a regular basis.  I observe them going through the battle of their own desires versus another’s wishes.

Whether personally or professionally, what is significant about sacrificial decisions is not necessarily the immediate effect but the long-term impact on the person and his or her family.  Choices in themselves can be difficult, but how they may change our lives can prove even tougher at times.

Lord, guide Your people in the sacrificial choices we face every day.  Allow whatever decisions we make to ultimately glorify You.  Amen.


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