“Recognizing the Call”

During an evening dinner banquet I attended, while the speaker was delivering his presentation to all of us, a cell phone suddenly began ringing.  Heads started turning, and upon the second ring, it was determined the sound was coming from my table.  People sitting around my table held up their phones one at a time, and by the third ring, my friend finally recognized the ring and responded to it.

This situation can resemble how the Lord calls each of us.  God can reach out to us in many ways—through people, music, readings, nature, etc.  However, if we are not aware or familiar with His “ring,” we may not recognize His voice.  Hence, the more we acknowledge and seek the Lord’s presence in our lives, the more we will recognize Him calling us and directing every step of our life journey.

Lord, at this moment, be with us, and encourage us to listen more closely to Your call.  In Your name I pray, Amen.


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