Throughout my growing years, my parents stimulated my brother’s and my understanding of historical events by taking us to the various locations where they occurred.  For instance, when I was around the age of eight years-old, I remember my parents taking Andy and me to Ford’s Theatre to see Charles Dickens’ play “A Christmas Carol.”  Hence, while observing where Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed, my father and mother thought we would enjoy a live production of a story with which we were familiar.

However, shortly into the first act, Andy became restless in his seat, and I echoed his boredom, declaring, “This is nothing like the movie!”

Due to my young age and unmet expectations of what I thought I would be watching, my first impressions were not positive.  As the years have passed, though, and my understanding has increased of my parents’ efforts to bring history to life, my impressions of this experience are now definitely different.

With many events in life, impressions vary over time.  Even though first ones may be unsatisfactory, remember that they can change, even within a matter of minutes or hours.  When we first have a negative perception, pause and consider, “What would God’s impression be?”  Though we do not possess His complete understanding of what is happening, we can better extend His grace and mercy during challenging circumstances.

God, help us to maintain Your impression in life, no matter what we are observing or feeling in that moment.  Amen. 


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