“Coffee Chats with the Creator”

It is a ritual every Saturday for my mother and me. I pour my cup of coffee and then call my mother on the phone, and we chat for the next hour or two about the events of the last week, sharing the joys, sorrows, and concerns over what has happened in our lives.

Though we do this every Saturday morning, there is still One Whom I share with even more regularly and intimately—that is, our Lord. He invites us to share openly every moment of our lives. Though He already knows every unspoken action, word, or thought that comes to our minds, His shoulders are big enough to embrace and receive our expressions of these to Him.  He truly desires an everlasting bond with each of His children.

So, the next time your soul is stirring with a lack of peace, your mind is puzzled with confusion, or your emotions are playing tug-of-war, take a few minutes to “have coffee” with our Creator.  Share with Him, and rest in His presence, knowing He is always ready and willing to listen.

Gracious Creator, in times when we feel alone or are not sure what to do, help us to be assured that You are only a “call” away.  In Your holy name we pray, Amen.


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