“The Success of Teamwork”

It was a difficult, long night in my high school career.  Having spent endless hours on researching and compiling my paper, the deadline was drawing to turn in my project the following morning.  Despite all the efforts in planning and completing this assignment so far, it was not enough, and I could not finish it on time alone.

Coming alongside me, two people helped me greatly in successfully completing this task on time—my parents.  While my mother guided me through the writing process, my father typed what we composed.  They did not have to assist me, but sacrificing their time, energy, and sleep, they supported their daughter in her achievement.

Teamwork is sometimes necessary in order to accomplish a task.  It involves one sacrificing his or her time, energy, and commitment.  As Henry Ford once described, “Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is a progress.  Working together is a success.”  Though teamwork may sometimes be a difficult process, may we continue to focus on the goal at hand in order to be a success.

Lord, in all the work we do, we ask that You team up with us, guiding and directing us to achieve success. In Your holy name I pray, Amen.


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