The Father Hears the Requests

It was nearing Christmas 1983, and the young child had only one request that year.  For the millionth time, she approached her father with pleading eyes, saying, “Daddy, there’s only one gift I want—a Cabbage Patch Kid that is bald and has a pacifier, like my baby brother.”

With great love for his child and great awareness of the high demand for this item, the father searched various ads in newspapers and eventually came across a one-day sale of these dolls at a huge warehouse.  On that particular day, he bundled up for the zero degree weather and arrived at the store at five in the morning, only to find a line of people wrapped around the entire building.  After a couple of hours of waiting while police officers let in small groups at a time, the father finally dashed into the warehouse.  Seeing almost immediately what his youngster requested, he grabbed the doll and held it tightly while paying and going to the car.  On Christmas morning, the father observed his little girl hurry to the living room, and her twinkling eyes and gleaming smile displayed her absolute delight of having her new doll, Teddy Nevel Larson.

We come across patients and families in our work now who yearn for “physical” gifts in order to lengthen and enhance their lives.  As we strive for endless hours to meet these requests, may we know that the Almighty Father also hears the requests of His children and travels alongside all of us through these journeys.

Let us pray:

O Giver of Life, there are days when we are so tired and do not know how to further impact the donation process.  You know our longing to continue to make this process successful, and You know the desires and needs of those who are waiting for their gifts of life.  We just ask for Your continued guidance and intervention in all of this.  In Your precious name we pray, Amen.


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