The Lonely Infant

I remember it like yesterday.  Standing next to the metal crib, the infant lay there, scrunching his face into different expressions.  His yellow skin revealed the jaundice he continuously battled.  Having made numerous visits to this child on both good and bad days and sensing the agony upon his face at this particular time, I empathized w/ his suffering as well as his aloneness since he hardly had any visitors.  Furthermore, today was his first birthday, and I knew he would probably not receive the greatest gift—the gift of a liver.  While this child is only one of many candidates on the waiting list, let us keep these people in mind as we continue to support the donation process.

Shall we pray:

Lord, help us to remember at this time that You are the Great Provider.  You are the Provider of the various organs to our recipients, and You are the Provider of the wisdom we need during these meetings.  Thank You for Your continuous presence over us.  In Your name we pray, Amen.


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