Journeys for the Year

Feet pass by with suitcases and bags trailing closely behind.  Every few minutes, a loud roaring sound can be heard—either ascending or descending.  Families huddle close together in the waiting areas, anxiously awaiting their boarding call to the nearby gate.  Sitting with coffee in hand, I glance over the variety of strangers, realizing that every person is on a journey—one only designed specifically for him or her.

Personally, I take these moments of solitude to reflect on this past year—the blessings of ministry to various families, the pivotal times of blossoming relationships, and strenuous challenges, including enduring a total hip replacement with a continuous recovery.  Like the pottery on the wheel, though, it is these circumstances where the Potter molds me into His servant.

In preparation for 2011, may you experience epiphanies that encourage you to further align your heart—emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—with the journey He has for you.  I pray that we—individually and as a team—travel various journeys in 2011 that draw us closer to the Lord as well as to one another.  Happy New Year!


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