Winter Wonders

“Snow, snow, snow.”  This word is becoming very common in our vocabulary these days, and I can honestly say that many of us are becoming weary of all the hassles with the white flakes and bitter cold.  However, do you remember playing in the snow as a kid?  You and your friends may have collaborated in your efforts to build the best neighborhood’s Frosty the Snowman.  With handfuls of snow, you may have initiated fights with others around you.  Throwing yourself onto the blanket of snow, you may have rapidly moved your arms to form the outline of an angel.

Now, have you ever considered how these scenes of the winter wonderland resemble those that happen in the “land” of the ICU?  With the collaborative efforts of associates from various disciplines, we strive to provide the best care possible by working towards common goals.  Fighting for patients’ rights and families’ needs, we serve as advocates for their well-being.  On a daily basis—whether we receive a pin or not, we act as caring angels in responding to the community’s medical crises.  Despite the continuous struggles with the winter weather, may we continue to experience moments of laugher and joy as we “play” together in the wonderland of ICU!


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