Time with the Father

During this time of year, many people tend to reflect upon the memories we shared with the fathers (or father-like figures) in our lives.  One of my own favorite memories occurred, about twenty years ago, every Saturday morning.  My father and I traveled to a tiny, off-the-beaten-path restaurant called the Chesterfield Airport Road Café.  Owned by a local couple, their daughter, Buffy, served us during every visit there, and since we always ordered the same meals, she reached the point where, upon our arrival, she had our drinks on the table and our orders given to the chef.  Along with the friendly, warm atmosphere, my father and I shared laughter over good memories and reflected on the events of the past week as well as the upcoming plans for the weekend.  It was also, during those morning gatherings, that I gleamed from my father’s wisdom regarding faith, family, relationships, education, and other aspects of life.

These weekly breakfasts not only proved beneficial in my younger years but further demonstrated to me the value of time with my heavenly Father, even into my adulthood.  Does not our Father yearn to hear us voice the joys and sorrows of our daily encounters?  Does He not wish to offer wise insights and guidance through His Word?  While we may not always have the opportunity to spend time with our earthly fathers, we can have the complete confidence that our omnipresent heavenly Father is able and longs to travel alongside each of us through every step of life’s journey.  Happy Father’s Day, Lord!


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