Recently, I attended a conference where there were several display cases outside the meeting room. Trying to look at one particular book, I maneuvered my power chair close to the table—actually, too close! I bumped into the table, sending one whole stack of books flying to the ground. Glancing around and seeing that no one saw my act, I quickly drove away, thinking to myself, “Fido.” I learned this term from my parents who heard it from a speaker, meaning “Forget It, Drive On.”

Here on the unit, with much bustling, never-ending activity, we perform a variety of tasks every hour—both routine as well as those with which we are less familiar. Unfortunately, as we fulfill our duties, mistakes do happen—ones we cannot forget and require us to expand our learning. Therefore, when an error occurs, I encourage each of us to “Fido”…”File It, Drive On.” File these instances into our memory bank as learning moments, and drive on to your next task. Let these times serve as opportunities of growth in your expertise—opportunities to place your life as well as others’ into the Lord’s hands as well as opportunities to receive His grace and glean from His wisdom. Therefore, put your best effort into your work today, and always FIDO!


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