The Balancing Act

During my middle school physical education class, I recall my instructor teaching the class how to juggle, using very lightweight pieces of cloth.  I had little difficulty keeping two cloths in the air because I was only focused on those two items.  However, when a third cloth was added to the mix, I was totally thrown off of my “balancing act” and could no longer manage my load.

Do you experience this quite often at work…or even in your personal life?  Maybe even just going back and forth between these two realms?  When life becomes too stressful and you feel overburdened, how do you cope?  I would like to suggest the acronym “HELP”:

H – Have a few moments to just breathe and calm yourself

E – Examine the situation or conflict again, exploring the various angles or perspectives

L – Look to another for assistance or insight, even if it’s just to vent your own concerns    or frustrations

P – Pray to the Almighty One, for He provides everlasting support, strength, and wisdom

Let us go to the Lord right now:

O God,

Be with us always through all seasons of life, especially during the difficult times.  Help us to find a sense of balance physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

We ask this in Your name, Amen.


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